Angela (kookybat810) wrote,


People still use this thing?  Maybe I should too.  Hmmm...
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Talyn is first comment WINNAR.
*Noses you*
*tries to draw you*

*fails again*

Yeah, you should start using this thing again...proves that you're still alive...;)
I was thinking about you the other day! I miss you muches, Scott. T_T It's been far to long.


10 years ago


10 years ago

OMG!!!! *Pouncehugs!!*

WTF DARKONE! ;3 Are there forums anywhere? I misses you guys. :(

Deleted comment

*jumps into her ninja clothes, carefully tip-toeing around traps..and being caught immediatly* Nooooes!

Deleted comment


10 years ago

Yes you should use it as should i more than biannually., also you should reply to e-mails :3

<.< i don't wanna feel left out so *pouncetacklehugs you... then noses and attaches a mousetrap to you*
I don't have a new email from you. :( DO I? *checks* No. :'(
Yes, yes we do. :)
You weirdos. ;) <3
Hello there. =)
HI NETLADY. Tell me if I should post here or not. Myspace and DA take up all my time as it is. x_x
Updating is always a good thing :B
Anubis porn what?


Haha, I don't know any of the people that have already replied.
Some days, everything just bops along like normal. Other days, I find out that a ravenous pack of fanwolves have been prowling around just outside Angela's IP for years, waiting for her to stick her head out and cover it with fan slobber. That's the kinda shit that makes me nervous.

(Just so it doesn't go to waste, my original joke was going to be about how LJ is only populated by ghosts now, and that the living were in grave danger to be seen here, unless you're selling stuff like the merchant in Resident Evil 4, and then probably something about Scooby-Doo, and maybe I would have ended it by having Velma and Casper the Friendly Ghost make out. Wait, this is getting better. I'll workshop it, and see if I can't turn it into a one-man-show or something.)
Damn fanwolves. ;) I was surpirsed to get so many comments. I was expecting about...0. ;)

YES, let's see that crazy one man show. Maybe then I'll undertsand it better.
yeah I still use this thing every now and then. :D <3 you angela *pounce hugs*
Miss you Jimmy! :(