Angela (kookybat810) wrote,

Effing Geijin

Incoming stupid rant!

Why do the most annoying people in the world take Japanese class? I mean, of course not all of them are annoying..but enough of them are. Third time I've taken Japanese 101 (cross your fingers for me guys), and this class seems to have the least amout of annoying people yet. Yaaay! Excpet this one really reallllyyyy annoying kid. He says everything OBVIOUS before the teacher, and if she doesn't react he keeps repeating it. It's like he's screaming "LOOK AT ME SENSEI I ARE SO SMART". Damn him. DAMN HIM. He annoys me so much. D:
Example, the teacher was writing in hiragana (to which he loudly said "WOW"), then katakana ("OMG"), let's not even discuss how he reacted to kanji. Keep in mind the rest of us are QUIETLY LISTENING. You know, like students are supposed to. He kept whispering what she was doing or writing. Like she said, "This is in--" "katakana" "--katakana. And this--" "omg kanji wtf lol" "--is kanji." I want to stand up and be like, "GOD DAMMIT KID MOST OF US FREAKING KNOW THAT TOO BUT DO YOU FREAKING HEAR US???"
It seems as I'm overreacting, but I cannot convey how annoying he is through LJ. Holly will understand, she had a horrible classmate last semester. Phil will understand, he knows someone named Horribleanimemeetingboy. Oh yes, then we were practicing pronunciation, she didn't want us to say what the word meant, but lo and behold..she writes 'Okaasan', he whispers "mother". 'Otoosan', "father". 'Oniisan', "brother". 'Oneesan', "sister". FUCKING GREAT FOR YOU. You know simple vocabulary. U R SO SMART. The next work she wrote was weird, a fu- word that I don't recall. He whispers loudly, "hmmmm, dog?" To which I again wanted to leap up, this time to yell "GOD DAMN YOU ANNOYING KID, I KNOW YOUR ASS WATCHES ANIME SO YOU SHOULD KNOW INU IS DOG LIKE INU YASHA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" I don't even watch Inu Yasha and I know that. The word meant marriage or something.

I'm sure there will be more Annoying Kid stories to come, so block me while you can. ;)
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